Wednesday, December 29, 2010

lower then expected norms

Hey, so I may have mislead some people if not everyone i spoke to over the last seven days.
I may have told you the population of this fair town was 10 000.
I was wrong. Way off.
It's 1 200.
So when I told you 10 000 and you nodded your head saying, "well, that's not so bad" I wondered why you were not more shocked. You weren't shocked because ten thousand is a large number, it's larger then Dryden (the smallest designated city in Ontario, with a population of 8 000 people). When really I wanted you to say "Oh MY god! how are you surviving! My high school was bigger then that!"
There I said it for you.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Time flies when you are having fun

Dear Blog,
This trip was too short.
I just got here.
Don't make me go back. Not yet at least. I'm not ready.
I haven't spent my whole paycheck yet.

But really, I'm excited to go back to see my lil'home on the range. I'm sure thing have fallen apart at home and Vitamin T will need help putting it all back together again.
Thank GOD! He has agreed to meet me at the airport tomorrow night instead of me getting on a bus at 11pm then arriving in the North at 2am. The possibilities of decapitation are too great for me to risk a trip like that. Plus it'll mean one exciting night in the booming metropolis of T Bay! *thumbs up*wink*

I read an article today about some idiot who got attacked by a bear last spring and vows revenge for his injured leg. I, now being a citizen of the North, immediately criticized this gentleman for being in the woods during the spring thaw/bear awakening/post hibernation killing spree. But we can't blame him.  No, no, no, this bear must die. And savagely at that. It must pay for the harm it caused and be held completely accountable for its instinctual urges to eat on an empty stomach. This man, he means business.

I hate people.

I have to go, 
Bye Bye Blog

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Editors notes

Whilst in the city I have been talking about my blog with its avid readers. All 6 of them.
One of which expressed a desire to see capital letters in my writing. So Laura, this on is for you.
I'll try to keep this up, but really it add just one more level onto the already difficult task of typing.
I will do my best. For you, and only you.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Urban sprawl withdrawl

Soon I will be returning to the home land for the holidays. i honestly could not be more excited To bask in the glow of urbanization once again. The glorious most wonderous city lights. And noise. And Traffic. And Sidewalks. And Nobody says hello to you while you are walking to the store just trying to mind you own business, that's all, just mind your business.
I might be the only person in this town who walks with their head down.
No hellos.
No how are yous.

I'm coming.
I'm excited.
I'm ready.
Get your butts in gear.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Saturday, December 4, 2010


i found a radio station.
am 1450.
it's staticy.

911 is a joke.

this town is so remote and so small that 911 doesn't exist.
if you are being robbed (an unlikely scenario here..), if your life is in danger, or if your house is burning down there are three different phone numbers each 7 digits long to be dialed depending on your emergency.

*the title of this is making reference to a public enemy song, i am not saying that 9-11 is a joke.
flava flav in full effect.