Monday, December 27, 2010

Time flies when you are having fun

Dear Blog,
This trip was too short.
I just got here.
Don't make me go back. Not yet at least. I'm not ready.
I haven't spent my whole paycheck yet.

But really, I'm excited to go back to see my lil'home on the range. I'm sure thing have fallen apart at home and Vitamin T will need help putting it all back together again.
Thank GOD! He has agreed to meet me at the airport tomorrow night instead of me getting on a bus at 11pm then arriving in the North at 2am. The possibilities of decapitation are too great for me to risk a trip like that. Plus it'll mean one exciting night in the booming metropolis of T Bay! *thumbs up*wink*

I read an article today about some idiot who got attacked by a bear last spring and vows revenge for his injured leg. I, now being a citizen of the North, immediately criticized this gentleman for being in the woods during the spring thaw/bear awakening/post hibernation killing spree. But we can't blame him.  No, no, no, this bear must die. And savagely at that. It must pay for the harm it caused and be held completely accountable for its instinctual urges to eat on an empty stomach. This man, he means business.

I hate people.

I have to go, 
Bye Bye Blog

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