Saturday, April 16, 2011

soical network

I understand I hit a little bit of a nerve with my "menopausal" comments in my previous blog entry.
Please allow me to apologize. Please have the satisfaction of knowing that in 30ish years I will be in the same hormonal flux as all of you and will curse myself for being such an insolent and foolish young woman.
I am truly sorry.

With that said, I've been doing a lot of thinking about online social networking sites and how much they can really impact such a small town like the one I live in. Like, really. There are only 1 200ish people populating this community. Probably a good 15-20 percent are seniors and therefore internet alliterate (personal assumption) then there are your 65-40's who amazingly enough maybe 50 percent of them using social networking sites, then there's the everyone between the age of 40-13 who are almost 100% actively using socail networking sites.
If my math is correct, and believe me I crunched the numbers.
Really everyone you know is on your profile, the likely hood of you meeting someone outside of your community is slim (if you are over 30 and have a family, another assumption please don't take any of this personally) Then why even have a profile?
It's like the whole town is magnified and observed on a far too regular and public basis. The whole concept of this kind of site has been warped. Instead of opening up a wider world of friends it did just the opposite. The community is surrounding itself around status updates and profile comments and chats of other (and for the most part i stress only) members of the community not the wider world.
What got me thinking about this was the removal of the 5 or so employee's being removed from their managers profile friend list. This happened without any sort of explanation or even mention. Granted, her profile is hers to with with what she pleases but the people aren't only "online friends" but actual members of a not so much larger community. A community in which you have to watch what you say and to who you say it too, because everybody knows careful.
It's wildly preposterous. All of it. I really think social networking sites didn't factor in small communities of people to their scheme,  I saw "Social Network" I know what they were going for.  It's a global community populated by 800ish people who all speak to one another on a daily and face to face basis.

Monday, April 11, 2011

thaw it out.

After months of hibernation, it's happened, we are thawing.
And I gotta hand it to the people of the North, it's literally 5 degrees out and they are BBQ-in' and quadin' it up. Snowmobiles are instantly traded in for ATV's. Snow is still on the ground but the people are over it. I am at least.
It's gonna get wet, then it's gonna get beautiful.
Also my mother has planned her first trip up, which I am excited about!!!!!
She's going to see how uttlery depressing it is here, and thank god she didn't have to live through a winter here when it was -40 and four feet of snow....
But really, that is all behind us, forget wolves (jeeze, so last week). It's bears now.
We're going to have to invest in some "bear proof" garbage cans and work on making ourselves look bigger then they are. Hurray. If it's not one wilderness preditor it's another.
I dont know if I mentioned this before, but there aren't any raccoons here. A woman I work with has never seen a raccoon. Seriously.
Um what else, oh! The unprofessional boss, she deleted everyone from the center from her facebook.
Like, really. I don\t know if that was actually a good move on her part, so her vertual life can now be private. Or some f-ed up way of getting some sort of revenge on these woman, oh she also deleted all of their mothers from fb too. Anyways, whatever the reason, it was all people talked about today. Luckily she was never my friend to begin with so she's couldn't deliberatley remove me from her friend list.
This womans life revolves entirely too much around fb and she isn't even part of the internet generation, she's a menopausal boomer (which could have played a part in this latest rediculousness)

Monday, April 4, 2011

physical fitness is important.

I know, I know, I know.
I'm not keeping up with this blog as much as I said I would. But you know, a girls got business to attend to.
The weather is warmer, people are out BBQ-in' moose steaks and deer sausage. There simply arent enough hours in the day to sit at this darned computer to keep you all updated as to the going's on in the North Ontario.  Really, that's it. It's warmer and people are out.
Plus five and sunny means strap on your sandals get yer grill fired up, and Q up them dogs!
On another note, I joined the gym for the first time in my life. I mean i Might as well do something to keep me goin'. Also the deep winter weight that I gained MUST come off. it must.
speaking of which, dinner is ready and there are movies to be watched!