Monday, October 10, 2011

happy thanksgiving

The following conversation happened whilst walking the dog on a thanksgiving monday afternoon.


OSCAR, the dog, drops his ball and shows no interest in picking it up. ME and T pause.

T: Oscar get your ball.

As ME bends over to pick up the ball.

ME: It looks like there might be a dog over there. He's more interested in that then the ball.

They walk a few paces closer. OSCAR is still focused on the small animal which appears to be short, no more then a foot tall, fuzzy, and is black with a white spot on it's back. It is tethered to the porch of a trailer.

ME: Actually, (she pauses while craning her neck to get a better view over some bushes) it looks more like a pig then a dog...

T: It's not a pig. It's a dog.

After ME stops and stares at the animal for a moment, she turns to T and says,

ME: No, it's definitely a Pig.


A small black and white pot bellied pig wearing a harness and wagging it's cute little curly tail.


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