Sunday, November 6, 2011

cat fished.

Came home last night to a kitty with a fish hook stuck in her cheek.
Gotta keep that fishing gear out of reach.
Almost performed surgery myself, but thought it better to travel the hour and a half and have a veterinarian do the job. So I called the on call Vet, packed up the cat and hit the road. We arrived at the office before he did. When he showed up half dressed and blurry eyed he got right to business sedating my precious kitten and removing the barbed fishing jig from her delicate little cheek. As traumatizing as the whole thing was I have to admit she looked kinda cute with that little yellow ball hanging out of her mouth like some attempt at home piercing gone wrong...
Luckily for us, the time change happened and instead of coming home at 4 AM it was only 3 AM.

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