Friday, February 25, 2011

carnage in the streets

I know I talk about wolves alot. Okay, I know it.

It's just that I can't get over them.

Last week while preparing to slumber, I heard them. Howling at the moon. We opened our doors and they were close. Blood curdlingly close.
In the middle of town, last week maybe the night after we heard them howling, wolves took down a deer in someones back yard. Just imagine looking out your window and seeing a pack of wolves killing a deer. After much commotion the wolves were scared away, the police were called, and the woman whose backyard this happened in was allowed to keep the deer for meat because she had a Status Card. So they dragged the deer around to the front of the house and cut it up. Her neighbor woke up to a front lawn covered in blood. This happened.
Two nights ago, wolves killed a dog in a backyard across the street from our house. Mind you this is a second hand story heard from emergency works called to a known drug addicts house in the middle of the night, but still believable because of recent events.
Yesterday morning when a coworkers husband was leaving for work he saw a pack of wolves one street over.

This is real.

This is where I live.

I have yet to see a wolf.

But now I'm scared to.


  1. lock the doors and don't venture out without a body guard.

  2. oh yeah?? well yesterday i saw a cat sleeping in my back yard. TRUE STORY BRO.