Monday, March 14, 2011

one way to beat the mid winter blues

It's Lady's Night, and oh what a night.

The women of this fair town have been looking forward to this night since last year at about this time. Once a year the Canadian Playboys make their way North.
And yes, I saw them. In all their glory. (?maybe not... glory...per-say)
And maybe not "in" anything at all.
But I saw them, Oh how I saw them.
From HotCop to Standed Soldier and even a Cowboy. Shooting fake weapons saving us all from criminals or terrorists or ourselves.... One performer even started a small fire which he gyrated in front of, sending shivers down all those housewive's spines, then turning around to reveal just a silver of his ass crack. This move realllly drove'em crazy.
Lip syncing the intros to their acts and encouraging the crowd to take out the 5, 10 and 20 dollar bills if they wanted to see the whole package. It was unlike anything I have ever seen before and honestly I hope never to see it again.
The women where wild with passion and ready to purchase all the raffle tickets, posters and novelty lighters faster then these guys could sell them.
Oh! Lest I forget the portion of the show which required audience participation, three lovely ladies where asked to come on stage.
The first my bosses future daughter in law. She was asked what her favourite sexual position is. The answer more shocking then the questions, she slurs "from behind." She is then bent over a chair and told to impersonate herself having an orgasm and handed a microphone. Gladly she screams into the mic as other jealous ladies snap photos, which will obviously make their way on to facebook within 24 hrs of this proformance.
The second, is my co worker Wanda who escapes to the bathroom out of sheer embarassment.
And I missed the third due to lack of interest.
After too much to drink and the fact that all the women I attended with have children and needed to return to their families I made my way home to the quiet of my house.
Which was nice, after seeing so much cock in one night.

For those who are interested, b/c I know some of you are!