Saturday, September 24, 2011


Well Folks, I did it.

One Year, here I come.
I'm not quite there yet. But soon enough it will come 'round. The seasons have come and gone. We are back in Fall. It was this time last year, this week in fact that T was making his way to the city in his four wheel drive chariot to carry me away.
Here is where he whisked me away to and I survived. But with the changing seasons I always seem to get a little home sick. I think it's the flux of my surroundings that makes me think of all the familiarity and stability I left behind. Not to mention Fall came a full month earlier then it would have in the south. I wasn't ready for frost on September 3rd.

With the coming of Fall, just like everywhere else in the Western World, obviously means Christmas is around the corner. Christmas brings something that people line up for. Something that people hoard and steal for. That's right, you guessed it, the Sears WISHBOOK! It's here. It came. We can all calm down. Our depraved selves will be unloading our bank accounts in no time. Pages and pages and pages and pages and pages and pages of THINGS!

I say "we"...because I have done what I never thought I would be driven to do.

I ordered something from a catalogue.

By mail.

I flipped through the pages, something caught my eye, and I ordered it.
I ordered boots. Tall and slouchy at the same time, waterproof (fashion {I use the term "fashion" loosely} can also be functional, Sears taught me this) suede, and dark brown BOOTS. They actually don't look half bad, and by "not half bad" I mean good! Prefect for my Fall fashion needs. I mean I love my camouflage hunters boots. And as cute as they are, they really aren't that cute and aren't that versatile. All I really get from those are ironic butch...but if I wear them too much then they're just butch...right?
So these will provide the perfect balance between functional northern attire and girly-ness.
It's a Saturday morning I wake up bright an early, get my new boots on, go out for a walk with my pooch, and promptly step in dog shit.
Way to bring me riiiight back to reality, maybe these boots weren't as bright and idea as I thought. Since I live in a place where picking up your dog shit isn't a social necessity, in fact it's unheard of, if one wears their nice boots out for a walk it's at your own risk.
Memo received.


  1. i seem to talk a lot about home shopping. if i had cable next it would be tv shopping...