Monday, January 17, 2011

and you thought i wouldn't have any stories at my new job.

I will detail my adventure on dogsledding when i have time to sit and write for a while, but for now i need to tell you all what happpened while at work today.

To preface this, a woman I work with has a very sick relative I'll call her Wanda.

My boss, who isn't the most professional of people, was on facebook (just an example of her lack of professionalism) and read a status update today the she thought applied to our workmate. She promptly came into the room where I was putting the kids down for their rest and told me she read a RANDOM persons status saying "heaven welcomes another angel" or some corny shit like that and then goes and TELLS Wanda with no actual proof that it is her relative who has passed away.
Wanda of course breaks down and begins phoning all of her relatives and gets no answer, after lots of tears and a few calls she finds out it wasn't her relative and my boss is actually and idiot.

Could you imagine?

Who does that? Reads a status update and then tells someone (while at work and everyone she works with!) that their relative is dead?!?!?!?!??

Also this town is crazy, everyone is too scared to say anything because everything is interconnected. you say something and it will effect your whole life. Complain about your boss? Before anything formal will ever be done about it your boss will hear from some leak in Town Office and you're screwed.
The grocery store is highway robbery! $6.99 for a bag grapes and $7.99 for mayonnaise! Produce is rotten on a regular basis. Don't buy onions in a bag, tangerines in a box or potatoes in bulk. You wont be able to use over half of them. And no one says anything becasue it's the only place in town!
It's insane!

People just live with this corruption because they don't know anything else or they don't have alternatives.

p.s. What is "rofl" Iain?


  1. rofl = rolling on floor laughing
    you should totally start up a mysterious facebook account that tells it as it is and hangs out everyones dirty laundry. Also, you should start your own mayonnaise business. Ill mail you the eggs.

  2. ummm that is a ridiculous story. who does that?? I guess people really do like to gossip in small towns.
    also, my first comment on your blog..yay!