Friday, January 14, 2011

dream come true

If I am the only one who can admit that I had imaginary friends as a child, then all of you are liars.

Mine where special friends. I'm not saying yours weren't special too. I just didn't know them. My friends were also based from literature because if having them wouldn't make me cool enough then I would make them, and myself cooler by association, by drawing attention to the fact I was a nerdy girl with imaginary friends who liked to read books (note passed tense, being that I am super cool now. obvi... I have a blog).  They weren't human imaginary friends, more like imaginary pets. I was denied pets as a child though I yearned for one. So thus, I made some up.Wild, near untameable pets.

Except I alone tamed them. I was their master.

Their names, White Fang (half dog-half wolf, all rebel and badass motherfucker) and his mother Kitche (escaped sled dog turned wild only to be tamed once again after giving birth to a litter of half wolf -half dog puppies with only one survivor (*hint, it's White Fang cuz he's badass like that) before being tamed again by man...or me).

So, I used to walk around the playground at times when my real friends were sick or had choir practice or had team sports and I would pretend I had two loyal beasts following me. Obeying my every command. As I mentioned before I was cool, obvi because I avoided extra curricular activities like choir and sports teams by fueling my deep love for dogs with imaginary ones.

I'm explaining all of this to you, my loyal 8 readers because tomorrow I will be embarking on what maybe a life long dream. I'm going dog sledding. In the northern reaches of Ontario I will be harnessing a team and exploring the Tundra. Well more like Boreal Forrest, but shit if there isn't a hell of a lot of snow up here and it doesn't feel like the North Pole erry day! So really, this could be the day that makes or breaks the rest of my life.

For real.

Wish me luck! <3