Saturday, January 22, 2011

creating mental images.

Okay, so just to give you a picture of how freakin cold it is... I'm really just going to tell you the temperature. It was minus (-) 39 degrees yesterday. The pipes in our kitchen froze. We insulated them today in hopes of, you know, avoiding that happening again.
I actually turned the water off last night and flushed the pipes so they wouldn't burst.
I don't think you heard me, I flushed the pipes. How many people can say that they've done that just to get through the night?
Not, you know, when you are shutting down your cottage for the winter and you don't want a serious problem when you re-open in the Spring, but actually just to survive through the night.
Oh, and next week it's calling for temperatures of, oh nothing much, just a balmy minus (-) 4 on friday, that is LITERALLY a 35 degree difference!

We'll see if that actually happens...

I'm really into the underline and italics feature I just noticed *wink* just adding to the continued punctuation. NOW, with emphasis! coooooool.

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  1. Laura's away on a cruise, but if she were here to read this she'd be so proud that you've not only embraced punctuation, but emphasis as well. Nice job.