Sunday, January 2, 2011

Fun things from the final moments of 2010.

Here are some of the highlights from New Years Eve, my first in this town.
The full length entirely white fox fur coat which I wore over a black dress with iridescent gold spots, pattered tights with knee socks, and heels I absolutely cannot walk in but did just for this special occasion. Not to mention pink lipstick and fully curly hair pulled to the side in an over a shoulder kind of way.

Our neighbor doing nine shots of tequila because the world juniors was a high scoring game. He didn't make it to New Years in case you were wondering.

A fifty something divorcee hitting on chad the ENTIRE night, she was touchy, she was feely, and she was into the young ones.

The legion in general. if you ever want to feel like you are at a high school dance that serves booze, attended a legion on New Years Eve.

The fact that one man can order 10 drinks at once, no questions asked. And it was all under $40.

Vitiman T earning his name sake by bustin out some sweet break dance moves on the dance floor. That's right, he windmilled. At the legion. On New Years Eve.

Watching chad simultaneously fend off this older but interested woman at the same time as attempt to pput moves on some of the local young ladies.

Someone got on a chair and danced.

I mastered homemade spanikopita, no one had heard of it before. But trust me, it tasted just like Athens Bakery.

Who could forget the chunky heels and chunky highlights. and bedazzled shirts/dresses as far as the eye could see.

Other then that folks, it was just good ol'fashioned fun times!
Happy New Year! <3


  1. Awesome! I cant believe T windmilled! Grats on the spanikopita

  2. Your outfit sounds awesome.

    Don't judge the older lady... veal is nice!

  3. Wow. I can't believe you've kept up punctuation this long. I figured it would go away immediately after your post to Laura...

  4. I want a picture of the outfit. NOW!