Monday, November 1, 2010

a day in the life

today, at my first day of work.
w and is wife referred to their son as annoying and that i could tell him to shut up, while he was within earshot.
then i walked by an open door and he looked out at me with a kleenex up his nose full of blood. walking into a nose bleed is horrifically disgusting.  i later found a bag full of bloody nose kleenex...
the girl who stocks the produce had never heard of an avocado. and confirmed it's identity with w. i described it as being "bright green and creamy".
one avocado is $3.59
i met my neighbor at the check out. she knew who i was before i had any idea what was happening to me.
the person i am interviewing with, for a better job that i am less likely to get, tomorrow also came into the grocery store.
i lifted more boxes and stocked more shelves then i ever have in my entire life.
and that was monday.
tomorrow is tuesday, and another day

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  1. Heyyy

    We are in wawa, known for two things: the huge goose sculpture on the edge of town, and zero cell phone service.

    We saw our first moose today, its legs sticking straight up out of the back of a pickup truck, its blood splattered ALL over the tailgate and cab.

    Hope all is well.