Thursday, November 18, 2010

for paul

paul is right, that job at w's would have been blogging gold.
here are some tid bits from those three days of soul sucking hell:

  • i cashed out a man so drunk he could barely walk, he bought 10 frozen pizza's.
  • been told numerous times not to hide products at the back of the shelves, then told i'm not putting enough products on the shelves. my thought response "i thought you told me not to hide products, so i'm not hiding them. decide what it is you want me to do with all these fucking cans b/c ohmygod you are the worst!"
  • candy (yes w's smelly wife, her name is candy).
  • walking around a grocery store "facing products" just to kill time. (a perk)
  • t and his family came in to look for something on my first day. i was concentrating really hard on lining up boxes of golden grahams that  i didn't notice four people standing three feet away from me and all looking directly at me for roughly 30 seconds. t also vocalized a question which i ignored. "where are the sardines"
  • dropping 12 cans while trying to lift them over my head.
  • a lot of  talking to myself, and wondering who buys canned mushrooms "do some people prefer whole, sliced or does the true canned mushroom connoisseur go for the pieces and stems..."
  • moving frozen boxes of meat from one freezer to another. "why not get your weird son to do it? i'm sure he wants a break form his homeschooling with you to do hard physical labour.... ihateyouandthisjob"
  • shrink wrapping pork chops without any hand washing of any kind nor gloves. ohmygod so unsanitary.
  • pretending to care about lettuce. and the differences between thing. yet learning surprisingly fast that the code for banana's is 24.  
  • stocking shelves (another perk, b/c i didn't have to speak to anyone. just me, a box, and a shelf)
    •  thinking about how if i owned a grocery store i would keep the shelves stocked. not wait until they are empty and then order more of whatever it is. the whole point is to keep shelves full. not wait until you run out of something and then re order, AND not leave over stock on the floor in the isles in front of fully stocked shelves. this place is retarded. and looks awful.
    • low quality produce. bad. just bad vegetables and fruit. which i think is taking advantage of being the only grocery store in town since the A1 closed. do the people a favour and get good produce! maybe skimp on all the different variations of hamburger helper and supply more variety of anything fresh, i mean really. 

    just on a side note, i don't know how to make comments in response to comments. i'm not snubbing you, i just can't seem to post things in the comment box... i'm not that blogger savee yet.
    keep reading folks! one love!


    1. Excellent! Hard to believe that so much goodness happened in only three days!

      Also.. it was anchovies we were looking for. Anchovies.

    2. NEED to keep that job just once a month...for our sake.