Wednesday, November 10, 2010

a farewell letter.

yes folks,
this is a good bye letter.
not in the way you might think. i am saying farewell to a mindless labour intensive and unbelievable depressing job, which according to "w" wife, i am no good at. i say farewell because you are looking at the brand new assistant coordinator of the e.f. daycare.
(if i am the only person qualified enough for this job, look out world b/c there are going to be some messed up kids coming your way)

so good bye "w's".

good bye, smelly boss woman who has nothing nice to say, is loosing her hair and has a fake tooth that doesn't match the rest of her mouth. she is also considered unlikeable by the majority of this town.

good bye, creepy son who gets home schooled in the back of the shop, and before that attended a strange and exclusive mennonite christian school, who has nose bleeds and leaves the unsanitary evidence for all too see. oh i forgot to mention his nickname is chucky. i don't know his real name, but it might be damian.

finally, a good  bye "w" himself, who has a cheery disposition yet is constantly belittled by his hag wife and hated by most residence of this wonderful little town for his extreme opinions and crappy produce.

and last but certainly not least...hello, opportunity!


  1. YAY! Im so happy for you! Not that there was ever a chance that you wouldnt get the job, ms. TORONTO girl.

  2. yayayaya!!! congrats Trine! knock 'em dead! when do you start?

  3. Aww, sounds like you're leaving a job that would have been blogging gold! I guess I'll suck it up and read about your new respectable position too...because I'm that bored at work.