Tuesday, November 23, 2010

a fast food nation.

as i wait the 25 mintues it takes to recieve take-out (like come on guys in the city i would expect to wait no more then 15, if that!) i ponder my love and affection for fast food. since only in the last month or two have i been depraved of the one thing all canadians believe they are entitled to at birth a tim hortons no less then a two mintue walk away not to mention any other fast food facility of any kind.
i crave mcdonalds. kfc, even though i haven't eaten there in over 10 years for some reason i want nothing more then a bucket of drumsticks. how i took for granted the convenience of wendy's. coffee, tim horton's coffee straight off the assembly line.
that glorious frist bite of the mcchicken the sesame seed bun sticking to the roof of my mouth, or peeling the greasey chiken skin off the bone and oil sticking to my chin, and the frosty. oh, the frosty. the double double and don't forget the donuts. frosted, glazed, plain, tiiiiimbits.
these simple pleasures i no longer can enjoy at will. to think! a child might live an entire five years without eating a happy meal.
i plan for at least 30 minutes of the drive down the 105 what i will eat once we reach a mcdonalds. what tasty meal i will chow down on. this has caused me to sample the menu perhaps a little more then i would if say, i just had to walk up the block. not to mention i eat about double what i normally would. that's right, i order an extra burger. just to taste it.
i'm letting you know this now. so upon my return you are not surprised by my binge eating of food that is incredibly bad for my heart, but so, so, oh so good for my soul.

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